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Financial Planning Matters

Financial Planning Matters

June 06, 2020
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Why is financial planning so important to you? Here are the facts.* 

Four out of five Americans have financial regrets. 

Many Americans regret not saving early enough for retirement. 

Few retirees are financially independent. Many Americans are forced to continue working, or to rely on family, to make ends meet in retirement.

Many families do not have funds set aside for emergencies. This causes stress about bills and forces people to turn to relatives to stay afloat financially. 

Many Americans regret accumulating expensive consumer debts. 

Most families have not saved enough for their children to go to the college of their choice. 

Many families are not adequately insured against risks to their families, homes and businesses. 

75% of Americans say they would benefit from basic financial education and information about investing, saving, taxes, insurance and mortgages. 

Scheduling a consultation with a financial planning professional is your first step to overcoming these challenges.

*Sources: Bankrate Financial Security Index, June 2017; United States Federal Government, 2014 Survey of Household Economics and Decision-making; National Foundation for Credit Consulting, 2016 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey.